Love, Optimized

Love, Optimized envisions the high-tech future of romance – with a dark, satiric twist. Love becomes a seamless consumer experience, thanks to personal drones, intimate surveillance, sensual mapping and neuro-dating.

Our current collection traces the path of a prototypical relationship:

NeurAlign • Confirming compatibility

TouchTrainer • Delineating desire

Ring Finger Spotlight • Signaling status

Intimatum • Appraising affection

The experience includes a printed volume, as well as exhibitions, invent-it-yourself workshops, corporate keynote presentations, and one-on-one romantic consultations.

This ongoing project is a collaboration between Ernesto D. Morales and Shelly Ronen.


We present the inventions in two distinct voices: the polished corporate sales pitch, and the affirming scientific analysis.

The Love, Optimized book offers a comprehensive view of our future of intimacy. Couples enjoy only the rewards of romance and none of its obstacles, having outsourced those to our laboratory. With each new obstacle, they need only obtain the designated Object Solution.

Available Now
The book is available in the Object Solutions Shop. Your purchase directly funds future Object Solutions projects, including more films, prototypes and books. Thanks for your support!


We create live experiences and invite visitors to immerse themselves in our world of problems, solved.

We display the blueprints for our romantic inventions, along with audio guides for a visit to the near future. See images and video from the launch at MIT, and read reviews from Vice Motherboard and Design Observer.

We indoctrinate viewers in the Object Solutions lifestyle, where daily life becomes a delicate choreography of consumer experiences.

We solve problems from the public on request, sending customers home with a blueprint for their romantic solution.

SXSW • Topology, East Austin, March 10–19, 2017

Locations and Events
MIT School of Architecture + Planning • 2016
Galveston Art Center • 2016
MLA Subconference • 2016


We host design fiction workshops, where strangers pair up to invent their way out of love troubles.

We guide participants in our mode of critical play, and their imagined futures are as funny as they are fearsome.

See what workshoppers have devised
A – Surveillant clothing and immersive dreams
B – Precoital pinpricks and the foul stench of breakups
C – Emotional dinnerware and connected underwear

Host a workshop
To find out more about hosting your own Object Solutions workshop, contact Ernesto.